We Believe

We believe that each and every child is a precious gift from God. God assigns parents the responsibility of caring for these precious gifts, their children, by helping them to develop spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically. To assist parents in carrying out these wonderful responsibilities, our staff here at Freedom Childcare Center have undertaken the operation of this child care center and preschool.

We believe that each child is a unique individual and should be provided opportunities for growth and development in a safe and nurturing environment filled with exciting, stimulating, and educational activities  projects, exploration and expression that are developmentally appropriate.

Finally we believe that care givers and instructors are to build partnerships with parents and families in order to create foundations of acceptance, security, trust, and positive self-esteem in an environment of genuine love and concern for each child.

Testimonial: “I am a grandparent as parent.  Upon taking charge of my then 3 year old, I was in need of childcare.  I drive to work, past Freedom Childcare Center.  I stopped in and was pleased with the set up. The staff at the preschool embraced Kaleb and always makes him feel special and welcome.  The staff also gave me the needed support for our period of adjustment. Kaleb is now 4 and has grown in body and soul.  I am thankful everyday for the continued support of Freedom Childcare Center.  It is a wonderful loving, caring, learning environment. Many Thanks.” ~A Grandparent


An affiliation of St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor

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