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Annual hay ride

On September 21 we had our annual family hayride event. Thank you to Al and Joan Ernst for providing the tractor and wagon. We had so much fun! Even with the rainy weather, we managed our ride around the beautiful grounds at the center. Just hearing the parents with their children laughing and talking and just really enjoying the time together is what our program is about.

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Chapel this Week: The 8th Commandment

“Thou shalt not bear false witness.”

God made us with a tongue that we may use it for His glory. So often we use our tongues to hurt people, to tell lies, to share embarrassing stories that are best left unsaid. Philip used his tongue to tell the Ethiopian eunuch about Jesus (Acts 8:26-40). He was then baptized and went home to tell even more people. Through Jesus we have forgiveness for how we have abused the gift of language and by His Spirit we learn to use our tongues aright — to share words of love and kindness and to praise God for His goodness. Together we sang the first stanza of the hymn, “Let us ever walk with Jesus.”  Find the lyrics here: and sing along here: