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A Visitor from the Sky!

It’s not everyday that a hot air balloon just drops in. That’s what happened this morning. We were told that there was one in the area. We watched it over the farm next door, then lost sight of it. We went about our business, then a while later there was a man at our door. He said, I hope that you don’t mind that we landed on your property. Talk about an exciting field trip right our door! What a fun week! And to top it off, tomorrow we’ll have our annual Easter Egg Hunt! Come join us!

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Farm field trip

We had a field trip on our very own grounds! Farm animals and a tractor came to visit. We got to feed the calves and chickens, and we each got a turn sitting in the tractor’s cab. Lots of fun! Thank you to Mr. Neil Weidmayer for bringing the calves, and Mr. and Mrs. Ernst for bringing the other animals and giving each family some fresh eggs! We’re so blessed!

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