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Science on Saturday



Saturday, June 17th we will be hosting a Science on Saturday event at Freedom Childcare Center. We will be featuring many hands on activities for kids and parents to experience, from making slime, to volcanoes, to Legos, and digging for dinosaurs.

Everyone is invited! We need you to reserve in advance.

Just email:

or call Jamie at 734-997-9116

Celebrating Dr. Suess’s Birthday


All week the children at Freedom Childcare Center have been celebrating Dr. Suess’s birthday with all kinds of fun and educational activities! The children have been bringing their favorite Dr. Suess books to read and share.

On Wednesday we read “Green Eggs and Ham”  and “Wacky Wednesday.”  We topped our day with a special lunch with green eggs and ham, complete with pancakes topped with sprinkles.

First thing in the morning we predicted and charted if we would like Green Eggs and ham  and then after lunch we went back and checked our predictions. We were surprised to find that we had more children who predicted that they would like the eggs and actually did!