Our Mission

The mission of Freedom Child Care Center is to provide families with the best possible child care while sharing the love of Jesus with their children. It is the goal of Freedom Child Care Center to provide a safe environment for children to experience the love of Jesus Christ through quality instruction and personal attention.

To learn more about what we believe as a staff and organization click HERE.

The child care center is an affiliate of St. Thomas Lutheran church, and as such shares the same mission as that congregation. If you wish to know more about St. Thomas’ mission, please visit their website by clicking HERE.

Sometimes people ask whether families who are not members of St. Thomas may come to the Center. Yes! Absolutely! The congregation has not established this center for themselves but as their service for the community. Children in the center hear of God’s love for them, learn stories about Jesus Christ, practice the discipline of prayer, grow in asking for and receiving forgiveness, and sing simple Christian songs. These activities constitute part of a Christian upbringing which many parents value for their children. It is our privilege to partner with parents in nurturing the faith of the next generation.

Parent Testimonial: “I am a grandparent as parent.  Upon taking charge of my then 3 year old, I was in need of childcare.  I drive to work, past Freedom Childcare Center.  I stopped in and was pleased with the set up. The staff at the preschool embraced Kaleb and always makes him feel special and welcome.  The staff also gave me the needed support for our period of adjustment. Kaleb is now 4 and has grown in body and soul.  I am thankful everyday for the continued support of Freedom Childcare Center.  It is a wonderful loving, caring, learning environment . Many Thanks.”   ~ A Grandparent


An affiliation of St. Thomas Lutheran Church in Ann Arbor

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